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We are a talented team of data and security experts. Your data is everywhere, lets us help you make sense of it.

We are a talented team of data and security experts. Your data is everywhere, lets us help you make sense of it.

Our industry nichse and areas of expertise

Device Data Discovery

Data Analysis

Data Reporting

Data Storage

Law Firms



Government Agencies

Innovative data technologies

We use the latest methods, tactics, and technologies to acquire or extract data, and have developed proprietary case-segmented delivery, storage and notification systems for our clients to use.

  • Safe Storage & Archive Silos

  • Chain-of-Custody Documentation

  • SaaS Client Portal

  • Any-time Upload & Notification

  • Case Management Tools

  • Raw Data Analysis Tools

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get additional information?2020-05-12T02:34:16+00:00

Click on the below link, for a video demonstration that will help you to understand our process even better!

Can anyone use the XGe platform?2020-05-12T02:33:34+00:00

Access to our system is only provided to law firms and attorneys who are licensed to practice in their state. We are a business to business practice, not a business to consumer one.

What kind of documents can be searched?2020-05-12T02:32:49+00:00

Any documents that are text based can be run through our keyword searching platform. This includes email, word processor documents, spreadsheets, and other typical business documents. Our system does not provide keyword searches of image files, but we are able to return any images found to be responsive to the time and date information you provide. Optical character recognition searches can also be performed, for an additional fee.

How do I get started?2020-05-12T02:32:03+00:00

Click on the link provided, and provide some information to create your account. Once we have validated your firm you can upload the data, and we will be notified. Once the work is performed we will notify you that your responsive documents are available for you to download from our secure and encrypted portal.

Don’t other firms offer similar services?2020-05-12T02:31:12+00:00

Not only are you afforded the efficiency and accuracy of the XGe platform, you are also provided economy of scale. Typically, litigation support firms engage on a project basis. Their costs generally include several tiers of support, including a project management fee, fees for data deduplication, and a fee to load your data into their system. XGE allows you to control the data ingestion process and oversight. We believe you understand your case to the greatest degree, and we do not have to charge you for these services. You upload the data to us, provide keywords to be searched, and any time frame criteria, and we do the rest, at a cost that is much more reasonable than traditional litigation support vendors.

Why do I need XGe?2020-05-12T02:29:50+00:00

The use of a technology assisted review platform like XGe provides multiple benefits. First, the reduction of human hours to review ESI. Second, the comprehensive ability to sort through, and identify, items of relevance to your litigation. Once items are identified, they can be marked as either responsive, privileged, or non-responsive. This adds efficiency and accuracy for any Request for Production, or a production directly to you from your client.

What is eDiscovery, and how can it help me?2020-05-12T02:28:29+00:00

eDiscovery is an acronym for electronic discovery. It’s the ability to search and sort through electronically stored information (ESI) for responsive items during litigation.

What does XGe stand for?2020-05-12T02:27:12+00:00

Next Generation eDiscovery!

eDiscovery White Paper

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